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Martin’s Farm Livery: For Horses that Deserve the Best

A horse is a man/woman's best friend. And they deserve nothing but the best care possible. When your horse stays at our stables, they are guaranteed the best accommodation, professional care, bespoke exercise regimens, and nutrition. Also available for your horse as part of our full livery or part livery program is our state-of-the-art horse solarium.

What is a Horse Solarium?

For most people, a solarium refers to a sunroom or a tanning room. Unlike a tanning booth, the horse solarium at Martin’s Farm Livery is an open structure allowing air to circulate freely. Our horse solarium in Hampshire consists of a number of sun lamps and infra-red lamps under which a horse can relax comfortably. These lamps are adjustable so that they can focus on different muscle groups. In addition, we also have a horse shower with a range of wahl shampoos and an equilibrium massage pad to help your horse relax.

Benefits of a Horse Solarium

Our solarium has many benefits and can be used both before and after a workout to give a horse red light therapy. One of the advantages of giving your horse red light therapy at our horse solarium is improved blood circulation and higher cellular metabolism. When used prior to a workout, this makes the muscles more supple and thus reduces the risk of injury. As a result, the warm up exercise needed is reduced considerably giving you more time to enjoy riding your horse. An increased metabolism also improves your horse’s appetite and his performance. When a horse is exposed to red light therapy after his exercise, it reduces stiffness and helps his muscles recover faster.

In addition, infra-red light is a great source of vitamin D. This vitamin is necessary for healthy skin and for a horse to develop strong muscles. Hence, using a solarium becomes essential in the winter months when a horse cannot get enough sunlight. 

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