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Martin’s Farm Livery: The Ideal Livery Stable for Your Horse

Finding a home for your horse where he will be loved by the people as much as you love him is not easy. However, if you live in the South of England, you can rest assured that your horse is in the best hands at Martin’s Farm the ideal Livery stables in Hampshire, Andover, and Winchester. We can honestly say that we are one of the South and UK’s most exclusive and bespoke livery yards where horses are treated with utmost care and love.

Our Livery Services

At Martin’s Farm Livery, your horse will be given a comfortable, clean stable to sleep in, well-balanced, nutritious meals and access to a large yard where you can ride your horse whenever you want. Your horse can be part of a full livery program or a part livery program depending on your needs. A bespoke exercise program is also available, this is included in the full livery program and excluded in the part livery program. However, you can customise the programs to suit your needs. Some of the services we provide for your horse include:

·         Show training and preparation

·         Equine pampering

·         Backing

·         Clinics and demonstrations

·         Recuperation and rehabilitation

In addition to this, horses in both the programs can have access to a state-of-the-art solarium and chiropractic massage therapy.

Why Martin’s

Martin’s Farm Livery is a licensed livery and complies with the latest health and safety regulations. It is a well-known name amongst livery stables in Hampshire, Andover, and Winchester. The livery is well-connected and easily accessible.  We allow owners to visit their horse at any time of the day. So if you have the day off and want to spend some time with your equine friend, or want to pop by to say hello on your way back home, you can. However, don’t make a decision based on just what you read; please do visit the yard to see how we take care of our horses. 

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