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Martin’s Farm Livery: 5 Star Livery Service

Looking for a place where you and your horse can spend some quality time together? Or need a place where you can keep your horse safe (and happy), so that you can enjoy your holidays? Martin’s Farm Livery is the place for you and your horse. Located in the heart of the Test Valley, we offer part and full livery and ensure only the best for your horse.

Livery Facilities

We offer bespoke horse facilities to make every horse feel at home. We have a large livery yard where you and your horse can enjoy a stroll. We also have a professional Olympic sized riding arena, where you can exercise your horse or train for your next event.

Our stables are large and spacious and well ventilated. Both our yard and stables have 24 hour security and CCTV cameras. With this protection, you are guaranteed that your horse will be completely safe with us.

Our beautiful livery stables ensure ultimate comfort for your horse. They all come with protective metal grills, built out of solid brick, they also have hay bars to encourage a natural feeding position.

Livery Services

Within our 5 star facilities, we offer a wide range of livery services, ideal if you live in the Hampshire, Andover, or Winchester:

●       Full and part livery services with or without an exercise programme

●       Recuperation and rehabilitation services for horses

●       Training

●       Show preparation

●       Backing

●       Spas, solarium, hot washes, etc. to pamper your horse

●       Clinics and demonstrations

We understand that every horse is different and requires different things. We work with you and your horse to understand its needs and deliver a bespoke service second to none. We can also offer health care services for your horse such as equine dentistry as well as a nutritional programme. Depending on the needs of your horse, we can arrange physiotherapy, sports massage, chiropractic sessions, and much more.

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