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Martin’s Firm Livery: The Perfect Place For Your Horse

Planning a holiday with your family but worried about where to put your horse so they are safe and happy? Horses, just like dogs and other pets, are emotional animals, and need a lot of love and care. So, if you’re planning a holiday, it’s important to ensure that your horse is accommodated in the best place possible.

Martin’s Firm Livery is a luxurious livery stable in the heart of the Test Valley. Here, we take care of your horse just like you would. Whether you’re planning a week long holiday or you just want to spend some leisurely time with your horse, we guarantee you a service second to none.

We offer the following and more:

Professionally-designed Stables

Our beautiful stables are guaranteed to keep your horse safe and comfortable. Security is paramount and we have a top of the range security system that is monitored 24 hours a day. The floors are well-padded with thick stable mats and so offer cushioning for your horse’s feet.

Hay bars encourage a natural feeding position and if your horse needs to recuperate, we have larger stalls.

An Ideal Riding Arena

Measuring 60m x 25m, our riding arena is suitable for  beginners and professionals. Floodlights ensure riding is possible all year round.

Solarium & Hot Wash

Our facility has a Weinsberg horse solarium equipped with sun and infrared lamps as we understand the health benefits of solariums for horses. It encourages the natural formation of vitamin D3 which strengthens their immune system, improves performance and helps to tone muscle, heals wounds faster, and balances your horses hormones.

Our equilibrium massage pad is ideal for giving your horse a massage after a hard work out to make it feel relaxed. And if you want us to pamper your horse even more, we have spa packages available to them. Our Mira Sports Air Boost hot shower along with wahl shampoos helps to keep your horse clean and refreshed.

Acclaimed as one of the best livery yards in Hampshire, Andover, and Winchester, Martin’s Farm Livery offer bespoke solutions to ensure a home from home for your horse.

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